Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heroes Exposed (the episode)

Warning, Spoilers

Heroes is one of my favorite shows. Now the seasons after season 1 tend to not be as good, but every now and then there comes along a season 1 quality episode. I think this was one such episode.

In this episode Matt and Peter broke into Building 26, the building where Nathan runs his operations, in an attempt to rescue Daphne. They came in contact with someone called REBEL, who seems to be a computer genius. Peter’s relationship with Nathan is even more frayed than ever before. Noah Bennet seems to have successfully earned the bald guy’s, Danko’s, trust, yet is unwilling to hurt Peter. Then Danko goes crazy and sends Matt out wired up with explosives just to prove people with abilities are dangerous. A few questions and theories arise from this: first, a couple theories on who REBEL is: Sylar’s dad, the Haitian, Angela Petrelli, or Micah. Peter’s ability is still broken; he can only keep one power at a time. I thought of a couple ways that might get fixed. Ando supercharges him so his ability becomes stronger, so he could hold onto more than one. Or Sylar takes off the top of his head and fixes him, like he would’ve fixed a watch. Of course for that one to work Peter would need to be able to heal. And any theories on what’s going to happen with Danko and Nathan?
Sylar and Luke went to an old restaurant where Sylar remembered that his father had killed his mother. And that his father had at least one power, telekinesis. When He saw this Sylar vented his feelings out on Luke; nearly killed him and then ordered him to return home. Sylar then vowed he would kill his father in revenge. Sylar is one of my favorite characters. There’s something really cool about bad guys, that is if they’re done well; smart, complicated (not purely evil), and doesn’t automatically lose. I’m really interested to see how Sylar will react when he finally meets his father, a man cold blooded enough to kill his wife and sell his son.

Feel free to comment with speculations and thoughts about the episode or just the show in general.

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  1. I agree, this was a good one. Last night's was decent, as well. I spent four hours yesterday catching up with the show after a few weeks I skipped it. What else to do when at home, sick?